Food API demo

Try it for yourself - test our natural language food search with complex food phrases.

Frequently asked questions

Do your APIs provide more data than shown in the demo?

Absolutely - our natural language parsing and nutritional data are both more granular than shown here. We've simplified the output to communicate the key concepts.

Can you search against my custom database?

Absolutely - that's a common request from companies in the restaurant or packaged food industry. We can optimize the NLU and search accordingly.

How do I get access to the APIs?

We are currently in soft-launch, private-beta. Drop us a line, outline your use case and we'll get you on-boarded :)

Why can't I just sign-up, pay and get an API key yet?

We love the enthusiasm ! We'd like to make sure that our first customers are successful, so have chosen to take a more high-touch approach for now. Get in touch and that could include you!

Can I request specific foods be added to the database?

Sure, we always welcome requests for specific foods to be included. Of course, that does beg the following question ...

How do I contact you?

We're glad you asked. Scroll down... :-)

Get in touch

Interested in getting access to the API? Spotted an error ... or a missing food perhaps? Have a question or just wish to let us know what you're thinking? Don't be shy :)