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Meal tracking

Meal tracking

Over 50 million people will use a new health tracking app this year. 90% of those who try to track their meals will give up within the first week. Why? Because the touch-based user-experience is just that painful.

Natural language is the right solution for complex input. Improve your user experience, boost engagement, and increase retention with our natural language meal tracking.

Meal tracking


People also give up tracking their meals because the reward just isn't big enough. We've developed automated nutrition coaching using natural language generation with our team of nutritionists and copywriters to keep users engaged.

Provide real-time personalized feedback to users based on their short-term and long-term meals as well as their diet profile and objectives, using our coaching APIs.

Meal tracking

Meal ordering

Capture orders, optimize operations, and reduce costs with natural language solutions for the call-center, drive-through and in-store kiosk solutions using our dialog management and natural language understanding for complex meal requests.

Deep expertise

Leverage our tooling, experience and data.

Food NLU

Most accurate food recognition on the market today.

Dialog management

Complex context management for successful user experiences.


Realtime natural language generation (NLG) to increase engagement and retention.


Communicate seamelessly over voice, messaging & screens.

Conversational design

"Simple can be harder than complex". Delightful by design.

Data & analytics

One great insight is worth a thousand ideas.

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